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CD Review: Dream Theater, “The Astonishing”

Domo origato for the heavy metal poisoning?...


Film, No Concessions

No Concessions: Michael Caine Revengeful, “Metropolis” Restored

Last week, Hit Girl. This week, Hit Pensioner, as Michael Caine mows ’em down as Harry Brown. This is familiar territory for Caine, whose...


Lost in the '80s, Music

Lost in the ’80s: Freddie Mercury, “Love Kills”

In 1984, famed disco producer Giorgio Moroder got it into his head that Fritz Lang’s silent 1927 masterpiece Metropolis needed to be...


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Sugar Water: “Stay Strong”

Laid Off But Not Lying Down The Daily Planet‘s veteran crime reporter discovers a new scene. In 1978, one week before Christmas,...