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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies That Are Insane Adaptations of Famous Books (to Prepare You for the New “Great Gatsby”)

I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby yet, but I can tell already that it just doesn’t add up. The production seems to have missed...

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Horror Movie Marathon: Part Five

Part Five of Kelly's Horror Movie Marathon finds her watching two films about grieving parents facing supernatural challenges in their new...

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TV Review: American Masters, “Woody Allen: A Documentary”

Whether or not you’re a fan of Woody Allen this American Masters documentary is an exemplary study of the artist....

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Box Office Flashback: December 10, 1984

Axel Foley, the Terminator, Supergirl, Mozart, and God all make appearances in this week's Box Office Flashback to December 10, 1984....


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Soundtrack Saturday: “Hannah and Her Sisters”

Thanksgiving is for lovers. Wait, what? Join Kelly Stitzel as she explores the soundtrack of one of Woody Allen's best films, Hannah and...