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Like Omigod!, Music

Like, Omigod! Digging Through the ’80s Pop Culture Box, Part 16

A glimpse at the editing process for this column — stop that snickering, you at the back, this thing absolutely does get edited — as we...


Film, Soundtrack Saturday

Soundtrack Saturday: “The Monster Squad”

"Wolfman's got nards!" Kelly Stitzel kicks off a month of Halloween-themed posts with the cult '80s hit, The Monster Squad....


Film, Soundtrack Saturday

Soundtrack Saturday: “Gremlins”

Here’s the thing — I love holiday-themed horror films. In fact, one of my favorite Christmas movies is the original Black...


Chart Attack!, Music

CHART ATTACK!: Michael Jackson Edition

Jason Hare takes a look at some of Michael Jackson's most (and least) memorable tracks to grace the Top 10 on this week's CHART ATTACK!...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 14

The other day Metal Sucks introduced me to Firewind’s cover of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac.” That in turn took me...


Mix Six, Music

Mix Six: “Film Pop”

Download the full mix HERE “Theme From Shaft,” Isaac Hayes MGM was behind this film, it made a ton of money at the box office,...