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Lamont Dozier

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: Lamont Dozier, “Fish Ain’t Bitin'”

Best known as a songwriter/producer, Lamont Dozier also had hits on his own...

Jheri Curl Fridays, Music, Popdose

Jheri Curl Fridays 39: “It’s Only Love”

That orgasmic look on Mick Hucknall's face? He just read our latest Jheri Curl Fridays column. Click to achieve that same look of ecstacy....


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: It Is Not Matt Wardlaw’s Destiny to Experience the Triumph of Victory

In addition to letting perennial electoral bridesmaid Matt Wardlaw write a chapter of my autobiography in exchange for bailing me out of an...


Music, Redeeming Rod

Redeeming Rod: Soulbook, the Faces, and Further Nails in the Coffin

One minute, twenty-two seconds. That’s how long Rod Stewart’s new album, Soulbook, actually gave me some hope that it might be...


Freshly Unwrapped, Music

Freshly Unwrapped: New Music Releases, 6/17/08

Chicago – Stone of Sisyphus (Rhino) Fifteen years after Warner Bros. rejected Stone of Sisyphus, leading to Chicago’s departure...