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Dizzy Heights #40: I Know That Dude — Songs About Famous People

In which I get absolutely owned by my Facebook friends, and an idea is born... *maniacal laugh*...

2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday Gift Guides

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Jeff Giles Picks His Favorite Music, Movies, Books, and Gadgets

A fond look back at some of the many pop culture highlights from the 2012 that was....

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New Music: Mika, “Celebrate”

Well, he told us that song he released earlier this week wasn’t actually the first single from his upcoming album, and apparently he...

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New Video: Mika, “Make You Happy”

He swears this isn’t the first single from his upcoming album The Origin of Love, but whatever — whatever Mika wants to call...


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Letter from the Editor: My Favorite Songs of 2009

Alicia Keys, “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” from The Element of Freedom I find her albums awfully inconsistent, but Alicia...