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10 Movies…That Are Narrative Remakes of Documentaries

Kon-Tiki hits American theaters this week, months after it was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar. It’s a narrative retelling of Kon-Tiki, the 1951 Academy-Award winning documentary directed by Thor Heyerdahl about his voyage across the South Seas in a raft of his own creation. Here are some other compelling real-life stories caught on film…that were then scripted and remade. Rescue Dawn (2006) In 1997, Werner Herzog made Little Dieter Needs to Fly for German television, a documentary about a German-born American pilot named Dieter Dengler who was shot down and captured in the Vietnamese War but later successfully escaped. About a decade later, Herzog wrote and directed Rescue Dawn, based on the events of Dieter. Party Monster (2003) Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato produced and directed Party Monster: The Shockumentary in 1998, based on Disco Bloodbath by NYC club kid James St. James, which focuses on the life and murders of fellow club kid and horrifying sociopath Michael Alig. The duo remade it as a narrative film in 2003, with Seth Green and …


Suburban Metal Dad no. 138, “Milk of Destruction”

Welcome to Suburban Metal Dad, Popdose’s new webcomic. It runs every Monday and Friday. Each edition of SMD features Sort-Of Soundtrack, an optional metal song that plays in a new window. Click HERE to cross over. Click the pic to enlarge.  Is it rude to leave a just a little milk in the jug? Are you 138? Does your husband waste your time with random metal lyrics? Tell us in the comments section!

No Concessions: History Lessons (“Milk,” “Cadillac Records,” “Australia”)

It was easy to laugh at the Oscars recently, when, after a montage of heart-swelling moments from earnest, socially conscious, liberal-minded pictures about the ills of our society, host Jon Stewart cracked wise, something to the effect of “And America never had those problems again.” Still, I felt a little bad as the balloon of self-importance deflated. Hollywood cranks out so much cholesterol-jammed junk food that the good-for-your-health films that play to our better instincts deserve more than a punchline, even if Stewart’s barb was aimed at the Academy Awards showboating rather than the well-meaning movies. Milk, which stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Oscar-winning 1984 documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, meets the high-fiber requirement for its genre. The poisonous Proposition 6 of the era in which it is set has given way to Proposition 8, and the combination biopic/issues picture has been positioned as a talking point. But Gus Van Sant, who spent much of the decade on a “death trilogy,” and Sean Penn, not noted for his farcical touch, have approached the picture with …