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Album Review: Matt Mehlan, “The Mehlans”

There’s electronic buzzing, post-something refrains, borderline-tribal heat, and occasional Rhodes-and-bass grooves. There’s also,...

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The Popdose Interview: Matt Mehlan

He’s going it on his own again and it sounds great. Tomorrow, after a decade-plus at the helm of the thought-rock ensemble/b(r)and...

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Concert Review: Roger Waters, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, 8/8/17

The co-founder of Pink Floyd offers bombast and protest during Philadelphia tour's opening night....


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Thinking Like a Trader

Financial theory starts with two key assumptions: first, that markets are efficient; second, that investors are rational. And, of course,...


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Where’s the (Tea) Party?

Rick Santelli of CNBC has called for a Chicago Tea Party, a revolt by taxpayers against a government stimulus package that may reward some...