Chart Attack!, Episode 1

Longtime Popdose devotees may be looking at this post and thinking, “Wait, Episode 1? Haven’t there been other Chart Attack! podcasts already? Is this some kind of shitty reboot?”

Allow me to clear up a few things.

The Popdose staff has ...

Friday Night Videos!: The Hits of 1986

If you’re holding your breath for the day MTV starts playing music videos again, let it go. It’s never going to happen, not while there’s a solitary teen mom left in America to exploit (and really, it’s 2010. Is there any other ...

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 60

There’s something terribly wrong with me right now. Just like everyone, there are points when I get a song stuck in my head that I just can’t get rid of. But right now I have a medley ...

White Label Wednesday: Mr. Mister, “Is It Love”

Are you ready to rock?! Wait, no, that’s not right, let me try that again…are you ready for some melodic rock?!

The whole reclassification of early ‘80s arena rock as “melodic rock” – there is even a