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Album Review: Mudhoney, “LiE”

I still remember the CD. My Mudhoney collection was fairly impressive in ’93, having dug deep into the band’s Sub Pop soil, but the...

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Reissue Review: U-Men, “U-Men”

My first exposure to the bizarre genius of U-Men came when I first tracked down a vinyl copy of the scene-setting C/Z Records comp. Deep...

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Welcome to Pittsburgh: The Gotobeds Sign to Sub Pop

Yes, the rumors are true, Mr. and Ms. Column Follower. Local Pittsburgh indie-rock superheroes The Gotobeds have signed to Sub Pop Records....

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Pearl Jam Bring Citizen Dick To Record Store Day

If you remember the ’90s movie Singles, helmed by Cameron Crowe, you’ll recall the band Citizen Dick. Or rather, you’ll...


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Greatest Un-Hits: Ani DiFranco’s “Fire Door” (1997)

Every music movement or sea change has that one person that influenced the thing in the first place, but never quite got to cash in when...


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Soundtrack Saturday: “Singles”

One of the great things about art is that as you grow, a piece of art — whether it be a painting, a piece of music, a book, a film,...