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Metal Monday Volume 113 (3.11.13)

In a nutshell, Zozobra is Caleb Scofield unchained, uninhibited, and totally un-fucking-believable. In its third incarnation, Scofield strips Zozobra down to its brutal roots and recruits some old friends to round out the line up. The “old friends” in question are Scofield’s Cave In bandmates JR Connors on drums and Adam McGrath on guitars and screamaging making Zozobra v.3 all too familiar in some spots while still treading new heavy ground in others. If you were expecting Bird Of Prey […]


The Singles Bar: Iggy and The Stooges, “Burn”

After pummeling record buyers with three albums between 1969-1973, The Stooges quickly dissolved yet left a remarkable legacy as one of the most influential bands of the era. While Iggy went on to a successful solo career, the concept of a full on Stooges reunion seemed pretty implausible, especially in light of original bassist Dave Alexander’s death in 1975. Suddenly, The Stooges reemerged in 2003, with the legendary Mike Watt taking over bass duties. Following a series of well received […]


Metal Monday Volume 112 (3.4.13)

Oh my glob! When will you people start paying attention to the gloriousness that is vocalist Todd Smith and his cohort in crime Jasan Stepp?!? Knives Out! Dog Fashion Disco! Polkadot Cadaver! Jesus, people, they’re giving you oodles and oodles of metally goodness and you’re not paying attention! Anywho, Polkadot Cadaver is back with  a new album entitled Last Call In Jonestown and a new single/video of the same name. “Last Call In Jonestown” off the upcoming LP of the […]