Film, Soundtrack Saturday

Soundtrack Saturday: “SpaceCamp”

In honor of the final Space Shuttle launch, Kelly the space nerd reminisces about the Shuttle program and revisits a film that is a...


Music, The Very Guest Of...

The Very Guest Of… David Byrne

The world doesn’t need another greatest hits album — we’ve already got three goddamn Essential REO Speedwagon...


Letter From the Editor, Music

Letter from the Editor: My Favorite Songs of 2009

Alicia Keys, “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” from The Element of Freedom I find her albums awfully inconsistent, but Alicia...


Current Events, Sugar Water

Sugar Water: Promise Some Peace, Win a Prize!

President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a decision that instantly created controversy. For one thing, Tina...


DVD Reviews, Film

DVD Review: “For All Mankind”

If you’re looking to commemorate the moonwalk—the original moonwalk, that is—on July 20, look not to the stars but to...


Music, Unsolicited Career Advice

Unsolicited Career Advice for… David Bowie

You never know when your college friends may become useful professional contacts. One night 17 years ago, Lev Skwatzenschitz and I found...