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Popdose Sunday Brunch: Episode One

The turkey is on the platter, but you may not want to take a bite. This one is RARE....


Spin Cycle: Nelly Furtado, The Spirit Indestructible

Six years is a long time. Can Nelly Furtado pick up where she left off with "The Spirit Indestructible?"...


The Singles Bar: No Doubt; “Settle Down”

No Doubt is back and ain't nothin' changed! Check out their new single, "Settle Down."...


Letter From the Editor, Music

Letter from the Editor: Radio is Dying, but Music Has “One Life to Live”

I try to do right, I try to do right, because I only got, only got, only got, only got…all that I have is one life to live. These are...


DVD Reviews

DVD Review: “Max Payne”

For the benefit of those who haven’t seen Max Payne yet, but are considering renting the DVD, I’m going to spoil as much of it...


Dw. Dunphy On..., Music

Dw. Dunphy On… Everything That Happens, and a Little After That

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see David Byrne live in concert. It was purported to be a celebration of the work he did with...


Listening Booth, Music

Listening Booth: Bajafondo, “Mar Dulce”

Every summer, the city of San Francisco has a free concert series featuring noteworthy bands, and some that are yet-to-be-noted — at...