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Like, Omigod! Digging Through the ‘80s Pop Culture Box, Part 26

Well, it’s been a quiet week in Omigodsville, out there on the edge of Popdose. It’s been hot. Seasonable. But you can feel the end of...

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‘Face Time: Babyface, “Whip Appeal”

Join Popdose for a look back at three decades of Babyface's wide-ranging influence as a singer, songwriter, and producer....

The Beatles - "Nowhere Man"

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Bronze on the Charts, Gold in Our Hearts: 10 Great Singles That Peaked at #3

Just because a song gets stuck at #3 on the charts doesn't mean it's not an all-time great....

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Jheri Curl Fridays 36: “Off On Your Own (Girl)”

Who's ready for some Al B. Sure! The teen idol sings about losing a love interest to another woman in this week's Jheri Curl Fridays...

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CD Review: The Original 7ven, “Condensate”

Ah ha haaah! The Time are back whether Prince likes it or not. It's time to Condensate....

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The Popdose Guide to Babyface

Exploring the whip appeal of one of the most prolific hitmakers of the '80s....


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Popdose Flashback ’91: Color Me Badd, “C.M.B.”

Dave Steed reflects back on the New Jack Swing era as Color Me Badd's debut album turns 20 years old this week. ...


Music, Popdose Flashback '91

Popdose Flashback ’91: Boyz II Men, “Cooleyhighharmony”

Nathan, Michael, Shawn and Wanya: four names that were on everyone's mind 20 years ago. Dave Steed takes a look back at his awkward teen...



Popdose Flashback ’90: Bell Biv DeVoe, “Poison”

Slap it up, flip it, rub it down, oh no! Bell Biv DeVoe's debut is 20 years old!...


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CHART ATTACK!: 8/19/89

Hello, everybody! I’ll be honest with you — this chart kind of stinks. I mean, it’s not “wretched,” but I...