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Metal Monday Volume 112 (3.4.13)

Oh my glob! When will you people start paying attention to the gloriousness that is vocalist Todd Smith and his cohort in crime Jasan Stepp?!? Knives Out! Dog Fashion Disco! Polkadot Cadaver! Jesus, people, they’re giving you oodles and oodles of metally goodness and you’re not paying attention! Anywho, Polkadot Cadaver is back with  a new album entitled Last Call In Jonestown and a new single/video of the same name. “Last Call In Jonestown” off the upcoming LP of the […]


Metal Monday Volume 111 (2.25.13)

In its’ third incarnation, Zozobra is essentially Cave In minus Stephen Brodsky and with bassist Caleb Scofield at the mic once again, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be absolutely brutal and visceral. From “Black Holes”, the first offering from Savage Masters (Due in April), it seems that Scofield is taking a cue from the heavier aspects of the latest Cave In and Old Man Gloom releases and just going for it full force. Guitarist Adam McGrath absolutely shreds […]


Implodes, “Scattered In The Wind”: The Singles Bar Review

Chicago produces some great music and Implodes is a band that is only going to perpetuate that truth. On “Scattered In The Wind”, the first taste of the upcoming Recurring Dream album, Implodes deliver almost five and a half minutes of sonic bliss. Soaked in feedback and a heavy atmosphere that would make Ian Curtis jump back and scream: “Wow, that’s some dark shit!”, Implodes is stepping up their game considerably for their 2013 sophomore release. Recurring Dream will be […]


Paramore Gets Their Sci-Fi On With “Now” Video

Seems like it’s been an eternity since Paramore released anything. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the release date of their last album was 2009. So, yeah…an eternity. And Paramore doesn’t seem like one of those bands that can successfully return from a four-year layoff (translation: their fans are still likely maturing in musical taste and in all likelihood are listening to something else now.) Nevertheless, Hayley Williams and her rotating cast of sidemen have returned with a self-titled […]

Jim James

Spin Cycle: Jim James, Regions of Light and Sound of God

At first listen, Jim James’ first proper solo album might sound a bit alien to fans of his daytime gig, My Morning Jacket. It’s an intangible thing to pin down — vocally, James sounds as dynamic and distinctive as he ever has on record, and musically, Regions of Light and Sound of God bears a few particularly distinctive earmarks of his other band’s inimitable style. The vast, canyon-scaling vocals, the slow-burn funk that seeps into ambient soundscapes… it’s all there. It’s […]


!!! (Chk Chk Chk), “Slyd”: The Singles Bar Review

If you thought 2012 had the goods when it came to great new music then you ain’t heard nothing yet because !!! (Pronounce “Chk Chk Chk”. Are we really still doing this?) is back to destroy expectations and the competition completely. The first offering from April’s THR!!!LLER, “Slyd” is solid !!! through and through albeit a little bit more futuristic (Think of the song as a natural progression of “The Hammer” from Strange Weather…). Vocalist Nic Offer is mesmerizing even […]

Rock band The Fades.

The Fades, “Eight Times A Day”: The Singles Bar Review

You didn’t think you could escape The Fades on Popblerd in 2013, did you? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Fades present to you and your loved one (s) the AA single for “Eight Times A Day”. Originally featured on the brilliant full-length album Ragnarok which was released last year, “Eight Times A Day” completely embodies the spirit of The Fades with its catchy chorus and bouncing melodies. As a bonus and to further cement The Fades as a […]


Metal Monday Volume 109 (2.11.13)

The next evolution in Rude Awakening-era Prong mixed with Killing Joke, King Loses Crown take industrial noise to the next level with their EP, You Can’t Escape which sees the San Francisco based band easily picking up where late ’90′s evil disco bands like Static X and Rob Zombie left off but in a much more intelligent and aggressive way (Think Prong’s “Whose Fist Is It Anyway?” rather than “Dragula”).  “Fall Apart” is just epic yet still falls in comparison […]