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Sad Cleveland Browns fans with paper bags on their heads

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Popdose Sports: The Five Stages of Grief for a Tortured Football Fan

It isn't easy being a fan of a lousy football team. But if you can recognize the stages of grief, maybe you can help. Or not....


10 Yard Fight – Mark Sanchez’s Right To Fight Regression

As a 49ers fan, I don’t get to see AFC teams as often as I’d like. Because of the way the NFL does the scheduling, I only...

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Could Tim Tebow Be The Next Eli Manning?

Because there isn't enough discussion about Tim Tebow, Dave Lifton wonders if there's hope for him by looking at the career of Eli Manning....



The Golden Globes: The (Verbal) Shots Heard ‘Round The World

Last night Ricky Gervais took down Hollywood's sacred cows and Popdose weighs in....


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Is Anyone Shocked — Shocked! — to Hear That About Brett Favre?

It doesn’t seem possible that Brett Favre could get more national exposure. But here we go … Those of us who work in the...