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NFL Picks: Week 16

The computer had a nice week last week, going 9-6-1 against the spread.  Well, it was almost nice.  If I..

NFL Picks: Week 15

Fucking hell.  I need to keep reminding myself that in the long run this program has actually still made money..

NFL Picks: Week 11 (updated x2)

Along with all your picks for Week 11’s NFL action, Zack Dennis counts down the worst coaching mistakes in football history. Hey, is that Marty Morninwheg?

I call him GAMBLOR! (Part 3)

On the cusp of Week 10 in the 2009 NFL season, Zack Dennis pauses to reflect on the performance of his game-calling supercomputer, Gamblor.

NFL Picks: Week 9

You’re in the wrong place – the picks for Week 9 of 2010 will be posted HERE on Thursday morning...

NFL Picks: Week 8

Fantasy football has been described as “Dungeons & Dragons for jocks,” so in the spirit of Halloween, Shi Ne (a.k.a. the Sports Report Girl) has joined us for a countdown of five monsters from the D&D manual — and their real-life NFL counterparts.

NFL Picks: Week 7 (updated)

Zack Dennis has punched the buttons and shifted the levers on his trusty supercomputer Gamblor, and is here to tell us who will win and lose in the NFL this week.

NFL Picks: Week 6

- WELCOME!  If you’re here looking for the picks from Week 6 in 2009, you’ve come to the right place. ..

Film Review: “Big Fan”

As the financial divide between fan and athlete grows with each year, our superstitions are becoming all that we have..