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In one significant way, this was an unusual holiday session at the movies: with the exception of the latest butt-numbing installment of the Harry Potter series, all of the films were at, near, or below the two-hour mark. My backside still has memories of Christmas 1999, when the three-hour-or-so Angela’s Ashes, The Green Mile, Magnolia, and Any Given Sunday were in release, and I appreciated not having to stock up on Bengay as 2010 drew to a close.

Otherwise it was business as usual, with any number of end-of-year prestige releases that wallow in misery and despair and torment, just in more concentrated form. (The family pictures, like Yogi Bear and Gulliver’s Travels, transferred the misery and despair and torment to the parents stuck taking kids to them.) Still, you’ve heard they’re good, and maybe you want to see them, but just how much Paxil should you bring to the theater? To help, I brought my patented Gloom-O-Meter to the following movies, to measure the amount of bitterness and unhappiness generated by each. Movies that rate on the lower end of the 1-10 scale are of reasonably good cheer; the closer you get to 10, the more thoughts of suicide

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to stick to a Halloween-ish theme with this month’s movies: we’ve had teenage serial killers, an evil automobile, vampires, and now witches. I hope you’ve enjoyed the themed posts, because they’re going to continue through the holidays. I promise, though, not to be too obvious in my choices. In fact I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the Thanksgiving-themed films I’ve chosen for November. But enough about the future — let’s talk about this post.

Now, I didn’t originally set out to bookend October’s posts with mid-’90s Neve Campbell/Skeet Ulrich movies, but that’s how it turned out — I watched The Craft (1996) on cable a few weeks ago and just thought it’d be fun to write about.

The first time I saw this movie was with my dad. Yeah, you read that correctly. He really likes The Craft, which kind of surprised me at first, but this is the man who told me, after reading my post on Adventures in Babysitting, that Elisabeth Shue is one of his “ultimate hotties.” So nothing he tells me should surprise me. (Love you, Dad.)