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Popdose Video Premiere: The Bipeds, “Dressful of Dreams”

Antique-garde aficionados, take note: The Bipeds has arrived. The Bipeds is a dance-theater company/rock and roll band under the artistic...

Music, Video Premieres

Popdose Video Premiere: Jordan Okrend Experience, “Dance by the Riverside”

Throughout music through the ages, songwriting has incorporated just causes, from civil rights to the environment. In that vein, Jordan...



It’s one thing to be great at your chosen genre of music — it’s another thing to require a new genre entirely. The...

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Cycles Per Second: A Look At The dB’s “Repercussion”

If there’s one album that I can automatically point to/at which helped me – helped to shape me as a songwriter and start to...

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Soundtrack Saturday Rewind: “Bull Durham”

Scott Malchus revisits the soundtrack to that seminal film celebrating America's two favorite past times: Sex and baseball....

Banner of UNC mascot taking a "dukie."


Popdose Sports: Ranting About Rivalries and Respect

College hoops fans and MMA fighters should wash out their mouths with soap....