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Bloody Mummers

Rebirth of Gamblor: Week 4 NFL Picks

Last week was a fantastic, if not quite perfect week for the computer.  It nailed its big bet on Buffalo, winning over $1300 in a single swoop.  Unfortunately, it gave a lot of that back when it lost bets with Denver and Washington, and pushed with its bet on the Jets.  Overall, Gamblor was 9-5-1 with a weighted win percentage of 73.7%, and Son of Gamblor was not nearly as strong, going 3-6-1 for 55.5%.  The total take for the week was $623, which brings the computer’s profit this season up to $937.  I have to blow my own horn a little bit here too – I called the Minnesota game correctly, and accurately forecast a push on the Jets-Miami game.  My other calls…not too great.  But that’s why I let the computer do the heavy lifting. This week’s Game of Thrones comparison is the Oakland Raiders as the Brave Companions, aka The Bloody Mummers.  As described in A Wiki of Ice and Fire, the Bloody Mummers are “are a sellsword company of considerably ill repute. It …

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Al Davis is Dead / Al Davis Will Live Forever

For years, I’ve been saying to people that the Raiders won’t be great again until Al Davis is dead.  Even though that sounds like it was wish for the man’s death, it most certainly wasn’t.  But given his mental (and physical) deterioration over the last seven or eight years, it was pretty much impossible as a Raiders fan to not hope for some kind of big change within the organization – and we all knew that Al Davis would never step down from his position as an obsessively involved owner of the team with no qualms about meddling in the day-to-day operations.  Despite all of the jokes we made about Al never dying because he was already dead, and how much virgin blood it was going to take for him to survive yet another season, it turns out that Al Davis was indeed very mortal, and now he’s gone. It’s easy to forget how incredibly important Al Davis and his Raiders have been to the game of football as we know it.  The organization has …