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The Popdose Interview: Troy Gua

Troy Gua isn’t the first artist to run afoul of the Artist currently known as Prince, we all remember that dancing toddler who was served...

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Album Review: “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Mandatory Fun”

Let’s face it, “Weird Al” Yankovic albums are impervious to typical reviews — you either appreciate his song and style...

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Advice From Circa-1982 “John Cougar”: Your Valentine’s Day Problems Solved!

A special Valentine’s Day edition of our ongoing advice column in which readers ask Circa 1982 “John Cougar,” a pop singer, good...

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More Advice From 1982’s “John Cougar”

 Circa-1982 “John Cougar” once again be takin’ your advice queries on matters of flesh, personal relationships, career, and...


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CD Review: Weird Al Yankovic, “Alpocalypse”

Every generation gets their Weird Al Yankovic. Popdose.com weighs in on this one's....