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First Look: “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns with a short, but punchy, batch of new episodes. Should you dare attempt ... The Gauntlet? ...

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TV on DVD: “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return”

It's been nearly twenty years ago since ”Mystery Science Theater 3000" graced the television airwaves and now it's back! ...



Next Sunday A.D.: Movies That Should Be Featured on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back for a new generation of smart alecks to learn about camp. The one aspect of the MST3K revival that was...

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TV Review: We’ve Got Movie Sign! “Mystery Science Theater 3000” Returns

After nearly 20 years, we have movie sign again: "Mystery Science Theater 3000" is back, and Popdose's resident MSTies Tony Redman and Dan...

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The Three Strike Rule: “Justified” Fires One Last Round

FX's thrilling crime drama "Justified" has its series finale this week....

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Blu-ray Review: “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”

There are a million reasons why The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty should not exist....

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The Popdose Interview(s): Rick Gonzalez, Ray Wise, Tara Butters, and Michele Fazekas of “Reaper”

From September 2007 to May 2009, The CW served as the home for 31 episodes of one of the most un-CW-like series ever to grace the...

The Venture Bros.

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Top 10 Venture Bros. Episodes

A countdown of the ten best episodes of The Venture Bros. - just like the title says....

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‘Face Time: Alicia Keys, “That’s When I Knew”

Join Popdose for a look back at three decades of Babyface's wide-ranging influence as a singer, songwriter, and producer....


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Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie, No. 20

Time (way past time, actually) for Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie, in which I attempt to spotlight several works of sequential graphic...


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TV Review: “Neighbors From Hell”

TBS attempts to get into the adult animation territory and 10 PM tonight with the network premieres the series Neighbors From Hell. If the...


Infinite Play

Infinite Play: Richard Thompson, “From Galway to Graceland”

On Elvis Presley's 75th birthday, Dave Lifton's latest Infinite Play column pays tribute to the King by talking about Richard Thompson's...


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Film Review: “Big Fan”

As the financial divide between fan and athlete grows with each year, our superstitions are becoming all that we have to identify with our...


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Blu-ray Review: “Observe and Report”

One of the year’s most divisive films — and I mean that almost literally — writer/director Jody Hill’s Observe and...