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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode Three

Return to Radio City with your intrepid hosts Jon Grayson and Rob Ross!...

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This is an amazing moment; a new single from one of our greatest songwriters/musicians/singers.  A heartbreakingly powerful track and...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Continental Drifters, “Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond”

There are some bands that everyone should know, be aware of, embrace and revere.  The Continental Drifters are one of those...

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Cycles Per Second: A Look At The dB’s “Repercussion”

If there’s one album that I can automatically point to/at which helped me – helped to shape me as a songwriter and start to...

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EP Review: Brett Harris, “Mr. Sunshine”

It’s simple:  Brett Harris is Durham, North Carolina’s best kept secret that’s not so secret anymore.  A gifted...

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CD REVIEW: R.E.M., “Unplugged: 1991/2001 – The Complete Sessions”

For so many, R.E.M. was one of the most important bands to come along since The Beatles; they helped redefine and reshape the musical...

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Album Review: A Fragile Tomorrow, “Be Nice, Be Careful”

This band from South Carolina hits the mark with their fourth album, a Mitch Easter/Ted Comerford-produced collection of 14 songs that span...


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The Popdose Interview: Paul Shaffer

More than just the guy who plays keyboards for David Letterman, Paul Shaffer is really one of the more underrated musical icons of the last...


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CD Review: Big Star, “Keep an Eye on the Sky”

Ken Shane reviews a release that will have power-pop lovers drowning in ecstasy for the rest of the year: the new Big Star box set from...


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Jesus of Cool: Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey Shamble Through the “Here and Now”

Erstwhile (and future) dB's Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey have a new record, a new tour, and all kinds of history to discuss with Jon...


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Beyond Ubiquitous: The Popdose Guide to Syd Straw

For someone who can talk your ear off, Syd Straw certainly has built an enigmatic career. After establishing her bona fides as an arty...


Music, Way Out Wednesday

Way Out Wednesday: Here No Evil — A Tribute to the Monkees

I’ve always been a fan of the Monkees. I watched the show when it came on the first time, and later when it was in reruns. I got...


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Hooks ‘N’ You: Don Dixon, “(If) I’m a Ham, Well You’re a Sausage: The Don Dixon Collection”

When you hear the name “Don Dixon,” you’re probably more likely to think of him in terms of his production career than...


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Desert Island Discs: Peter Holsapple and Eric Matthews

One of the great things about writing for a blog as world famous as Popdose is that the mere mention of my association with this collective...