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Assessing Asia: The John Payne Years, Part One

Popdose takes a look at the oft-forgotten Asia albums with John Payne as singer....

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POPDOSE PREMIERE: Lyndzie Taylor, “What Do I Know”

Every once in awhile, a strong female vocalist comes along who, besides having the chops to carry some truly radio-ready anthems, adds her...

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REVIEW: Sir Richard Bishop – “Tangier Sessions”

This is the story of a man and the guitar that took hold of him. The man styles himself Sir Richard Bishop, a Phoenix-bred guitar master...

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Single Play (Week of 4/8/13)

Caitlin Rose, Phoenix, Serena Ryder, and Thee Attacks are all in the music spotlight on this week's "Single Play." ...


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Desert Island Discs with Caleb Heineman

Dave Steed introduces you (again) to Caleb Heineman who discusses the five discs he'd take with him on a deserted island. ...


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Mix Six: “Music Festivals”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Over the weekend, my iPhone was blowing up with Twitter updates about the Outside Lands festival in San...


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CD Reviews: Angie Stone, “Unexpected”; Tahiti 80, “Activity Center”

The first sound you hear on Angie Stone’s fifth album, Unexpected (Stax/Concord), is a sample of Sly & the Family Stone’s...


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Song-Off Jr.: Fast Food Burgers

As people eat more meals outside the home, they consume more calories, less fiber, and more fat. Commodity prices have fallen so low that...


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Sugar Water: Soft, Smooth, and Silver

Did everyone have a rockin’ Fourth of July? (Please answer with an affirmative “Woooooo!”) And are you still...