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David Bowie Shoots for the Moon in “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” Video

In early January, we got the news from left field that David Bowie would be issuing his first album in a decade this Spring. My night owl lifestyle has paid off once again, as just moments ago Bowie’s YouTube channel posted a second video from the upcoming The Next Day LP. Whereas “Where Are We Now” harkened back to 1999′s …hours album (admittedly not one of my favorites), “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is more in line with Bowie’s two most recent albums, Heathen and Reality. And of […]

New Order

Note for Note: A Complete Guide to the Discography of New Order

Following the death of Ian Curtis, the remaining members of Joy Division decided to embark on an entirely new project, although it would take some time for the group to find its own voice. Formed in 1980, New Order augmented the trio of Sumner (guitar, vocals), Hook (bass), and Morris with keyboardist Gillian Gilbert (Morris’ then-girlfriend and now-wife).  The band went on to have a fairly prolific career, although the stream of releases slowed significantly by the mid- 1990s, partially […]


Songs in the Key of Life 32: “Grenade”

Circa de 2000, I was introduced to this woman named Morgan. She was different from any other woman I had been with. She had this very high class aura about her; the way she spoke, dressed, moved… just everything. I used to come around to her house and file all of her paperwork. She was so busy that she could not keep everything in order so she needed someone like me around to do these little things. She never took […]

Jim James

Spin Cycle: Jim James, Regions of Light and Sound of God

At first listen, Jim James’ first proper solo album might sound a bit alien to fans of his daytime gig, My Morning Jacket. It’s an intangible thing to pin down — vocally, James sounds as dynamic and distinctive as he ever has on record, and musically, Regions of Light and Sound of God bears a few particularly distinctive earmarks of his other band’s inimitable style. The vast, canyon-scaling vocals, the slow-burn funk that seeps into ambient soundscapes… it’s all there. It’s […]


Drews & Don’ts: 6 Karaoke Songs With (Sort of) Hilarious Lyric Flubs

As you may or may not know, writing for Popblerd is merely what I do during the day; at night, I dive headfirst into the glamorous world of karaoke, where I make my money congenially badgering people into singing in front of strangers. (I also do the “Cupid Shuffle”, like, a lot. It’s a dance comprised of four simple steps, which really speaks to my whiteness dancing abilities.) But the simple fact remains that, while karaoke has gained a lot […]