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AJOBO: Australia’s Dan Webb Channels Political Frustration Into Timely New Album

For Australian prog rocker Dan Webb, timeliness is everything. He set a self-imposed deadline to finish recording by Election Day and to...

Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Podcast

Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Episode 19: Howard Jones

'80s synth pioneer Howard Jones is our guest this week to talk about touring with Barenaked Ladies and OMD this summer as well as the new...

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EhOR: Saga Fused Prog Rock With Pop

Editor’s note: In this installment of EhOR, Jay Kumar examines the long career of Saga, a band that found success straddling the...

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EhOR: Max Webster Brought Weirdness to the Mainstream

Editor’s note: In this installment of EhOR, Jay Kumar examines the career of Canadian prog-rockers Max Webster, who could never escape...

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Review: Jim O’Rourke – “Simple Songs”

Jim O’Rourke can resemble a complicated musical chameleon. Since the late 80s, he has blended a patchwork career in the avant-garde with...

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CD Review: Aisles, “4:45 AM”

Respectful yet decidedly unique, Aisles has found a way to honor and still retain their own voice....

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CD Review: No More Pain, “The Post-Human Condition”

Justification for the validity of the album format has arrived...from New Jersey....

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Popdose Flashback 1973: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “Brain Salad Surgery”

Why is 1973's Brain Salad Surgery "none more prog"?...

Brian May of Queen

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Top 15 Brian May Queen Songs

A look at the 15 best songs written by Brian May and performed by the legendary hard rock band Queen....

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Platters That Matter, Episode 2: Genesis, “Duke”

Duke was the album that changed how the world viewed Genesis. Chris Holmes and Dw. Dunphy look at this game-changing record on Platters...


Spin Cycle: Coheed and Cambria, The Afterman: Ascension

The first of two Coheed albums over the next six months, Ascension renews the adventurous promise of Sanchez's vivid imagination set forth...

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The Vinyl Diaries: Yes, “Close to the Edge”

Yes' "Close to the Edge" is a thing of beauty, at least in Rob Smith's "The Vinyl Diaries."...



Here’s Something Else!: Genesis That Doesn’t, You Know, Suck

Believe it or not, Phil Collins was once just a member of this group called Genesis....

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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 18

Fandom: what does it mean, who inspires it, and where will you go in its name? We have some thoughts on the subject, and you'll hear 'em on...


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Here’s Something Else!: Alan Parsons Project, Overlooked Prog-Rock Band … or Futuristic Hovercraft?

The What-ing What Project? Never, perhaps, has a figure in rock music been simultaneously so famous and so … anonymous....


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CD Review: Vanilla Fudge, “Box of Fudge”

First, some bullet points – Rhino Handmade’s latest offering, Box of Fudge, a four CD overview of the influential ’60s...


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CD Review: Porcupine Tree, “The Incident”

A famous occurrence found its way into Woody Allen’s film Manhattan. The director has just explained all the artistic allusion and...


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Dw. Dunphy On… Big Songs, Episode One

Introducing an occasional series wherein we take a look at some of the most massive-sounding songs in pop history. A funny thing happened...