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Popdose Profile: Mark Deutrom

Every 10 years, Mark Deutrom goes through some fresh hell. Take 1998, a couple of hells ago. Deutrom was recording his first solo record...

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Listening Booth: Matthew O’Neill, Coke Belda, Steven Wilson, Etc.

Every time I am about to write off this bit of malarkey we call “Americana,” something pulls me from the brink. Don’t...

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The Popdose Interview: Legends of Et cetera

Every time I see something like Selena Gomez’s flat, tuneless, speak/sung SNL performance and think to myself, “seriously, THIS...

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RavenEye, “Breaking Out”: Exclusive Premiere

If you’ve been looking for some new sounds featuring kick ass heavy fuzzed out guitars, look no further and wrap your ears around the...

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DVD Review: “Rye Coalition: The Story of the Hard Luck 5”

It’s a sadly familiar story:  a hard-working band performs works their way to a major label deal only to have the rug pulled out...

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Dw. Dunphy On… My Seven Favorite Albums of 2013, With Honorable Mentions

Dw Dunphy provides seven and two for you from 2013. None of them are Yeezus....

Ryan Parks of B. Hamilton

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 47: B. Hamilton

The shamelessly rock n' roll Ryan Parks of B. Hamilton sat down for an f-bomb laden Parlour to Parlour interview. Cover your kids' ears for...

Queens of the Stone Age

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Top 10 Queens of the Stone Age Songs

In honor of the release of ...Like Clockwork, we review the 10 best Queens of the Stone Age songs to date....

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band center ring

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Popdose Prime: 10 Weird Hidden Album Tracks

A countdown of the ten most bizarre hidden album tracks released from mainstream pop and rock bands....


Blerd Briefs: TLC, Dave Grohl, and Jermaine Jacks…uh, Jacksun???

A new TLC album, Dave Grohl returns to QOTSA, and Jermaine changes his name. More crazy news......


The Singles Bar: Josh Homme, “Nobody To Love”

Josh Homme is back...by himself?!?!?!...


The Viewfinder: Alain Johannes “Not Of This Earth”

Alain Johannes deserves to be in the spotlight after stints in the background with QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, and Chris Cornell. His...


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Bootleg City: Take It or Leave It

The mayor of Bootleg City sends an update from prison, and the final two volumes of Y100 Sonic Sessions are featured in their...



Believe It or Not: Them Crooked Vultures

Most rock supergroups are less than the sum of their parts, so Jason Miller listened to Them Crooked Vultures with a cautious ear. Should...