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DVD Review: “Big Ass Spider!”

Greg Grunberg takes on a BIG ASS SPIDER in this awesome monster movie....

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The Popdose Interview(s): Rick Gonzalez, Ray Wise, Tara Butters, and Michele Fazekas of “Reaper”

From September 2007 to May 2009, The CW served as the home for 31 episodes of one of the most un-CW-like series ever to grace the...

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Horror Movie Marathon: Part Three

In part three of her horror-a-thon, Kelly Stitzel finally gets around to watching The Cabin in the Woods, ponders whether or not the Better...


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Popdose Interview: Ray Wise

He’s the Devil on “Reaper,” he gave you nightmares as Leland Palmer on “Twin Peaks,” and he’s appeared...

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The Three Strike Rule: “Reaper” (CW)

Hey everybody! It’s Easter Sunday! What better day to talk about the devil, huh? In Martin Scorsese’s controversial film The...