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Dw. Dunphy On… The Bushido Truth of “The Last Jedi”

Rian Johnson gave fans more than another seething fighter with a war boner and a snazzy costume....

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies That Are Spin-Offs, Not Sequels, of Popular Movies (Like Disney’s “Planes”)

Spin-offs are the new reboot. Big studio movies are usually part of a franchise at this point, and they are going to become even more...

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Revival House: Return of the Jedi

As Return of the Jedi turns 30, Revival House takes a look back at the conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy....

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Popdose Flashback 1983: “Return of the Jedi”

Laser blasts don't leave no blood behind....


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Dw. Dunphy On… Killogies: When Sagas Turn Soggy

There is no specific term for a film franchise that is directly undermined by later installments of itself, but there should be. If there...


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Box Office Flashback: July 9, 1983

What were we watching this week in '83? Five sequels, a great comedy duo, a gaggle of Ewoks, and one mustachioed action hero driving his...


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Revival House: Nine Lame Sequel Premises

Sequels: Hollywood loves 'em, but they don't always plan for 'em. Jeff Johnson looks back at nine of the worst sequel-inspired plot and...