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Blu-ray Review: “Spring”

However you choose to label "Spring", this is an entertaining and thought provoking motion picture....

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No Concessions: Reliving “Boyhood”

Contemplating an "instant masterpiece."...

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Popdose Presents: “Legendary,” A Serial Novel in 34 Installments

This summer, Popdose presents "Legendary," a serial novel set in the 80s. Written by Scott Malchus, it will run from May to August....

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies That Are Insane Adaptations of Famous Books (to Prepare You for the New “Great Gatsby”)

I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby yet, but I can tell already that it just doesn’t add up. The production seems to have missed...


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Farkakte Film Flashback: “Are You Ready for the Summer?” Edition

Given that as I write this, the forecast for the week is a steady snow starting on Tuesday and tapering off sometime in 2013, I have...