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Popdose Playlist: February 19, 2018

You said "mix." We mixed....

BT Express

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: BT Express, “Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied)”

When funk was in its ascendency BT Express set the charts on fire with their first two singles...

Music, Popdose Lists

The Popdose 100: The Greatest Protest Songs of All Time

Can a song change the world? Popular music has always been looked on as something of a disposable pleasure: reflective of its times, sure,...

Music, Popdose Roundtable

Popdose Music Roundtable: July 2014

This time out, the staff sorta slips down the Grohl hole and Don Henley may be a p****....

Album Reviews, Music

Album Review: Various Artists, “The 78 Project”

Nine times out of 10, if I heard a group of people were going around recording musicians’ performances live to 78 using a vintage...

Music, SXSW 2013

SXSW Day Two: America(na)’s Favorite Indie Record Label

Gotta tell you – the weather’s great here in Austin, Texas. Thursday was a bright, sunny spring day that topped out at about 80...

CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Richard Thompson, “Electric”

Richard Thompson — or, more properly, Richard Thompson, Esq., OBE — is arguably the finest white guitarist of his generation. He is...

Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Weekly Mixtape: End of the World Edition

Well, it's been fun. Last one out, make sure to turn out the lights. ...

Dw. Dunphy On..., Listmania, Music

Popdose 2011: Dw. Dunphy’s Best Of (And The Rest Of)

Popdose's year-end wrapup continues with Dw. Dunphy's favorites from 2011....


Versionality: “Season of the Witch”

In the latest installment of Versionality, Kelly Stitzel takes a look at some of the many covers of Donovan's "Season of the Witch."...

A Fan's Notes, Music

A Fan’s Notes: Rhythm & Roots Festival, Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI

Ken Shane recently attended the Rhythm & Roots festival in RI for the first time. He reports on a day of great live music....


Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Weekly Mixtape: Harry Potter Edition

So wizard rock is apparently a real thing, which is nice; I’m sure that the Moms of the various members of, say, Draco and the...

Music, Podcast

The Popdose Podcast: Episode 18

Fandom: what does it mean, who inspires it, and where will you go in its name? We have some thoughts on the subject, and you'll hear 'em on...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 51

Keanu's bad Canadian accent, the Simpsons, Liza Minnelli and Dave Steed's dormroom exploits co-mingle this week in Bottom Feeders. ...


Music, The Very Guest Of...

The Very Guest Of… Richard Thompson

What does it mean to be a musician's musician? Maybe you've never heard of Richard Thompson — but you've probably heard him play. After...


Music, Podcast

The Popdose Podcast: Episode 14

What's the easiest way for a record company to take your money every holiday season? Box sets! Join Jeff Giles, Jason Hare and Dave Lifton...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Richard and Linda Thompson, “Shoot Out the Lights” (Deluxe Edition)

In 1982 Richard and Linda Thompson released what some saw as a devastating breakup album. The truth is complicated. A brilliant reissue...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Robert Plant, “Band of Joy”

The combined talents of Robert Plant and Buddy Miller were bound to produce interesting results. Together they have made "Band of Joy" one...


Listmania, Music

Listmania: Top 50 Guitarists (#50-36)

We made a list of our favorite guitarists of all time, and this week, we count down from 50 to 36. Who made the cut?...


Infinite Play

Infinite Play: Richard Thompson, “From Galway to Graceland”

On Elvis Presley's 75th birthday, Dave Lifton's latest Infinite Play column pays tribute to the King by talking about Richard Thompson's...


Jesus of Cool, Music, Popdose Interviews

Jesus of Cool: Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey Shamble Through the “Here and Now”

Erstwhile (and future) dB's Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey have a new record, a new tour, and all kinds of history to discuss with Jon...


Dw. Dunphy On..., Music

Dw. Dunphy On… Everything That Happens, and a Little After That

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see David Byrne live in concert. It was purported to be a celebration of the work he did with...