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Mix Six: “Popdose Best of 2010 Sampler”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Are you tired of all the year end lists yet?  Well, here at Popdose, we love our lists — and it seems our readers do, too.  But one list that was begging for a Mix Six was our Top 20 Albums of 2010 that ran last week.  Punning Pundit of Indignant Desert Birds — who’s one of our faithful readers — lamented that we didn’t include any music samples in our Top 20. So in order to rectify that omission, I thought I would put together a little sampler from said list.  Now because I’m constrained by the whole “Mix Six” format of this feature, you’re only going to get six songs that I thought really mixed well.  So, with a lot of help from my Popdose colleagues, here we go with a sampler culled from the Top 20 Albums of 2010!