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Popdose Giveaway! Win a Digital Download copy of “The Wizard of Lies”

Enter to win a digital copy of the HBO's Emmy nominated film, "The Wizards of Lies."...

Blu-ray Reviews, Film

Blu-ray Reviews: “Return of the Living Dead,” “Buckaroo Banzai” and “Midnight Run”

Three cult favs from the 80s receive beautiful treatment on Blu-ray....

Books, Legendary

Legendary: Chapter 21

It wouldn't be a party unless a fight breaks out. Can Brian prevent Eric from getting his ass kicked?...

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TV Review” “Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro Sr.”

HBO’s newest documentary, "Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro, Sr." is a loving tribute to the father of the legendary actor. ...

Blu-ray Reviews

Blu-ray Review” The Family”

You better believe me when I say that The Family isn't that bad....

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Film Review: “Last Vegas”

Guys gone wild. Old, Oscar-winning guys....

Box Office Flashback, Film

Box Office Flashback: December 12, 2002

Same name, different face....

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Film Review: “Being Flynn”

Robert De Niro gets a reprieve from movie jail. Temporarily. ...

Box Office Flashback, Film

Box Office Flashback: January 9, 1992

Where does the time go? SERIOUSLY, WHERE DID THE PAST WEEK GO? Let's find out together as we collectively experience a Box Office Flashback...


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Film Review: “Limitless”

Bradley Cooper is a star in the new sci-fi thriller Limitless....


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Revival House: “You talkin’ to me?”

Taxi Driver turns 35 and Jeff Johnson looks back on a seminal work of '70s cinema....

Box Office Flashback, Film

Box Office Flashback: December 10, 1984

Axel Foley, the Terminator, Supergirl, Mozart, and God all make appearances in this week's Box Office Flashback to December 10, 1984....


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DVD review: Robert De Niro wants you to know that “Everybody’s Fine”

Robert De Niro stars in Everybody’s Fine, a remake of a 1990 Italian film starring Marcello Mastroianni. You can feel the sentimental...


Farkakte Film Flashback, Film

Farkakte Film Flashback: It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business Edition

Michael Moore’s latest, Capitalism: A Love Story, opens around the country today, and if the early reviews are any indication,...