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Review: Faith No More – “Sol Invictus”

Faith No More, after an 18-year recorded absence, is back today with a new CD, Sol Invictus, and the band sounds as finely tuned and ferocious as ever, even if the act of reuniting for a formal recording after a few years on the touring circuit brings with it some thornier issues. The record, clocking in at 39 minutes, is tightly wound and resilient, seemingly the work of younger men. When vocalist/carnival-barker Mike Patton croons “lee–ee–ader of men” over multiple iterations of himself on “Superhero,” an album-opener after the mood-setting title track, you get a sense of how carefully and methodically this thing was recorded. Or, second example, when the band echoes its “Easy” cover roots on the loungish “Sunny Side Up.” Or, third example, when a nearly unrecognizable Patton deadpans and deliciously cusses on the Record Store Day special “Motherfucker.” Or, fourth example, one of the record’s best tracks, the angular and throttling “Matador,” where Patton roars about the killing floor – whew, chills. Anyway, come to think of it, this whole thing is pretty damn …