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Blu-ray Review: “White House Down”

If only White House Down could have sustained what it was doing in the first hour, it would have been a good movie....

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies About Cavemen (to Prepare You for “The Croods”)

Dreamworks’ CGI caveman spectacular The Croods comes out on Friday. It’s the first big animated movie of the year, but...



Dw. Dunphy On… Crawling Through a Winter Wonderland

Hey, East Coast, are you feeling a little European today? It’s the last great Blizzard of 2010, folks. I have just finished digging...


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DVD review: Lloyd Dobler vs. the End of the World in “2012”

I recently saw Hot Tub Time Machine and thought I’d seen the most ridiculous (yet hilarious) John Cusack movie in some time. I was wrong....


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Sugar Water: When Chickens and Pigs and Foxes Who Are Married to Tigers Attack

So, are you done with all your Thanksgiving leftovers? Already looking forward to that Christmas ham? Then listen up, all you attendees of...