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Listmania: Top 20 Scariest Films (#20-11)

A Halloween draws near, the Popdose staff is counting down the 20 films that had them hiding under the covers and calling for mommy,...


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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 11

The Popdose Podcast returns with yet another show devoid of a theme, but with an added bonus - alcohol!...


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Bootleg City: Who’s Bad?

Yesterday morning I decided to take a leisurely bike ride along Whiskey River, the main waterway that runs through Bootleg City....


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No Concessions: Scorsese, Polanski Still Crazy After All These Years

“Film culture today,” I muttered, as I waded through (and into) an unusually bothersome post on the usually half-annoying (but...


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DVD Review: Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion,” a Horror Classic

The summer that brought us Woodstock and the moon landing also lives in infamy for the Manson murders, which means a rehash of the life,...


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DVD Review: “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired”

Like any film student who worships Chinatown and loved The Pianist, I was intrigued by how Roman Polanski, the charismatic film director,...