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The Bo-Keys

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Soul Serenade: The Bo-Keys, “The Longer You Wait”

The Bo-Keys rose from the ashes of a legendary '60s soul band...

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Popdose Flashback 1963: Sgt. Fury Debuts

The long, strange trip from WWII to Samuel L....

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Blu-ray Review: “Django Unchained”

Quentin Tarantino’s western is a resounding piece of great cinema....

Blu-ray Reviews, Film

Blu-ray Review: “The Avengers”

"The Avengers" is blockbuster/popcorn filmmaking at its best...

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Film Review: “The Avengers”

Kelly Stitzel is not really into superheroes and she hates 3D, but she went to see The Avengers anyway....

The Avengers

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Watch the New “Avengers” Trailer

Well, you’ll still have to wait until next May to watch the whole thing, but Marvel is starting to get serious about sharing glimpses...

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Box Office Flashback: August 19, 1998

This week — a week late, to be perfectly honest — we revisit the dog days of summer '98!...


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The Popdose Interview: Luke Goss

It takes a real man to transform from a pop star into an action hero, but Luke Goss has done it. Good for him! (We still asked him about...


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Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie, No. 13: “Black Widow” #1, “Brightest Day” #0, and More

Once more into the breach with Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie,  in which I attempt to point out various offerings of a sequential...


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Soundtrack Saturday: “The Last Dragon”

It's the 25th anniversary of "The Last Dragon" (that dragon's old enough to rent a car!), and Kelly Stitzel's got the lowdown on the movie...



Versionality: “Stagger Lee”

In our new series, Kelly Stitzel and the Popdose staff bring you 27 -- count 'em! -- versions of the great blues-folk song "Stagger Lee."...


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DVD Review: “The Spirit”

The Spirit (2009, Lionsgate) purchase this DVD from Amazon: DVD | Blu-ray One of the drawbacks of being a comic book fan is that you hope...


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DVD Review: “Soul Men”

If I’m going to remain true to the movie, then the only way to describe Soul Men is to call it one motherfucking funny film.  If...