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Rebirth of Gamblor: Week 5 NFL Picks

Last week was another solid (albeit rather lucky) week for the computer.  With the gift of a push in the Eagles game, Gamblor went an impressive 9-4-1 with a weighted win percentage of 72.5%, and Son of Gamblor was 4-5-1 with a weighted win percentage of 62.6%.  This week, the computer is significantly more aggressive with its betting, having four bets of over a hundred dollars. This week’s Game of Thrones comparison is the San Diego Chargers as House Tarly.  Tarly is actually one of the lesser-known houses in Westeros, having a lengthy existence but not having achieved particularly significant fame within the realm.  Similarly, the Chargers have been a fixture in football since their inception in 1961, and have had various eras of success, but have only reached the Superbowl once (losing to the San Francisco 49ers).  The greatest parallel between the two, of course, comes from Randyll Tarly’s exile of his oldest son in favor of the younger, and the Chargers’ dismissal of Drew Brees in favor of Philip Rivers.  In A Game …