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Comrades Podcast: Episode 4, “The Walk In”

Welcome back to Comrades, a weekly podcast/discussion/ramblefest about the FX series, The Americans. This week’s stellar episode of the show was entitled “The Walk In.” It featured a distracted Elizabeth, Paige taking a road trip, and Stan getting a big reward. Okay, he slept with Nina again, but he’s also getting a medal! Do Jeff and Scott live up to the greatness of the episode. That’s for you to decide. In this week’s podcast we also discuss Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood.”  The version used in “The Walk In” is from Gabriel’s 1977 self-titled solo album, often referred to as Peter Gabriel 1 or Car. Gabriel rerecorded the song twice, including this version that appears on Robert Fripp’s 1979 album, Exposure. Comrades is produced by Southgate Media Group, a website dedicated to podcasts. They’ve recently expanded beyond TV to include podcasts about comic books and sports. You can listen to Comrades three ways: through the SMG website, by subscribing to it on iTunes, or with the link below. However you choose to listen to …

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Comrades Podcast: Episode 1: Season One Rewind and Season Two Preview

Welcome to “Comrades,” a weekly podcast devoted to the FX series, The Americans. Our first episode takes a look back at The Americans first season (now on Blu-ray), previews the upcoming season (which premieres on February 26th) and features the usual tangents that Scott goes off on, such as the great use of Pete Townshend’s “Rough Boys” and how film editors accomplish the timing of image to music.

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The Popdose 100: The Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Much like our 100 Greatest Covers post last year, this was a collaborative effort for the Popdose staff.  Although our list of nominees was a bit smaller – only 300 songs – the voting was every bit as competitive, with our #7 and #8 songs being separated by just one tenth of a point.  As a collective, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you’re a member of a Bizarre Love Triangle, a pair of Two Hearts, or even if you’re a member of the Lonely Hearts Club.  Love to all. — Zack Dennis If you’re listening on Spotify, you can find a link to versions of all of the songs here. 100. “You Belong to Me” – Bob Dylan. Of all the things that can cause friction in a relationship, physical distance can be one of the hardest to endure. It softens a couple’s strengths, and makes every single problem – even the smallest ones – harder to address. Without a definitive end in sight, very few long-distance relationships survive. And yet, almost …


The Greatest Cover Songs of All Time: Honorable Mentions

Last week, we published a compilation of the 100 greatest cover songs of all time, as voted by the Popdose staff.  Of course, our way of tabulating the results (you can see the original spreadsheet here, if you’re really, really, really curious) meant that plenty of worthy songs were going to be left off the final list.  So we decided to include a few more songs that some of the staff felt deserved an “honorable mention.”  Each of the songs below is special to at least one of us, and even though none of these had broad enough appeal to make our Top 100 list, we thought they were good enough to at least get a tip of the cap. Opelousas (Sweet Relief) – Maria McKee. Originally performed by Victoria Williams. Taken by itself, Maria McKee’s cover of Victoria Williams “Opelousas” isn’t all that remarkable of a song. It’s a nice update to the low-key original, with a much bigger sound and scope, but what makes this cover great, and the reason why I included …

The Three Strike Rule: “Mad Men”

I believe that like any great character of fiction, we see a part of ourselves in Don Draper. We see a human being with faults, albeit ones that are amplified by being the central character of a hit TV series. The lucky few out there who’ve never questioned their purpose and meaning in the world probably aren’t the people making Mad Men one of the most watched series on cable television.

Basement Songs: Journey, “Only the Young”

In the fall of 1984, the Make A Wish Foundation contacted the band Journey. A 16-year old fan from Cleveland named Kenny Sykaluk was in the final days of his lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis. One of his dreams was to meet his musical idols. The members of Journey flew to Cleveland in November to meet the boy as he lay in a hospital, gasping for air; his young lungs were giving out on him. Among the gifts Journey brought with them was a cassette containing the band’s upcoming single, a song cut from their 1983 hit album, Frontiers, but soon to be released on the soundtrack to the film Vision Quest. That song was “Only the Young.” Kenny became one of the very first Journey fans to hear the song, as he played it on his Walkman while the band stood by his bedside. Eventually, the visit came to an end and Journey returned to their homes back in California. Their time with Kenny deeply affected them and they would honor the boy on …

Basement Songs: “The Sting” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Long before I knew who Paul Newman and Robert Redford were, before I understood what a long con was or even what a hooker did, I knew of Scott Joplin, Marvin Hamlisch and the music of The Sting. The soundtrack LP to the 1973 Academy Award winning film was amongst the collection of records housed in the stereo unit that sat in our living room, growing up. That immense piece of furniture could be heard playing The Sting soundtrack on any given day when I was a boy. Later, we had the piano music, too, although I never learned to play any of the songs, despite my seven years of piano lessons. My mom could play it, quite well, actually. Mom’s an excellent piano player, although she would deny it. George Roy Hill’s movie, written by David S. Ward, employed several Joplin songs that Hamilsch arranged specifically for the film. The film is set in the 1930’s, long after Joplin’s ragtime music was out of style, but somehow it works for the film. It definitely …