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Dizzy Heights #38: Pico to Colorado to Las Palmas — The Garrett & Amy Show, Vol. II

A true sign of parental love and sacrifice: letting your daughter play Fergie on your podcast. ...

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Popdose 2015: 20 Music Trends That Probably Weren’t Actually Trends

After running down the best 2015 albums from classic rockers and taking a look at the rock/pop and country/rootsrecords you don’t want to...

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Download Now: Yulianna “Don’t Take Your Love Away”

One of the hottest topics debated around the POPDOSE roundtable is the severe lack of quality pop stars coming from Kazakhstan. Well,...

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Songs of Freedom: Episode Four

The first of two parts on female artists in popular music and their relationships to the political, either through their music or image....


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CD Review: Selena Gomez & the Scene, “Kiss & Tell”

Selena Gomez co-credits her full-length debut to a band called the Scene, but let’s get this out of the way up front: On Kiss &...