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One of the very first responses I received after posting my reader solicitation for this column was from a friend of Tha ‘Dose named Sandy, alias Reader QQ. I’m not sure when I encountered QQ in the past, but I must have either wrecked her husband or slept with her car, because her suggested listening for me was That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll: Shaun Cassidy Live.

Remember: I can’t say no. Not even to a live album from Shaun Cassidy. See? I’m serious about this shit.

Shaun Cassidy, for those of you too young to recall, was the half-brother of Partridge Family heartthrob David Cassidy (that probably doesn’t help you young ‘uns, I know), and a Tiger Beat pinup in his own right, circa 1977 through 1979. He starred (alongside Parker Stevenson) in a TV version of the Hardy Boys mystery novels and, since every teenybop actor of the period (from brother David to Kristy McNichol) was supposed to sing as well, he started making records. These, believe it or not, were decent records—mostly classic covers (“Da Doo Ron Ron,” which went to Number One) and covers of things Eric Carmen squeezed out after he left the Raspberries (“That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Hey Deanie,” both Top Ten hits). They were fun and frothy bubblegum singles as only the ’70s could generate, best listened to at 45 RPM on the cheapest record players possible.

Along with rehab, doing a sequel just for the paycheck, screaming anti-Semitic slurs at traffic cops, and getting away with murder (literal or otherwise), one of the greatest privileges of the celebrity has always been the right to inflict your less talented siblings on the world. Take, for instance, Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce, who releases her ridiculously titled new album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, this week.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we here at Popdose have decided to take a stroll down memory lane and present you with a brand-new, very special edition of Lists You Didn’t Ask For. Here, without further ado, is a collection of Celebrity Siblings You Didn’t Ask For!

Frank Stallone. The man has his fans — in fact, as you’ll see below, he still tours with the Frank Stallone Band, and once had a hit, “Far From Over,” that certain commenters ’round these parts profess to enjoying in an unironic way — but not even the most cogent, impassioned defense of Frank’s singing career can get around the fact that he’s the black sheep in a family that includes a promoter of women’s wrestling, a male hairdresser, and the man responsible for Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. Or, for that matter, the fact that Frank released a country album — titled, of course, Songs From the Saddle — in 2005, the same year he appeared as a consultant on NBC’s boxing reality series, The Contender. According to his Wikipedia entry, Frank is “currently building a multi-million dollar estate in Nantucket, Massachusetts,” which is both a testament to everything wonderful about America and our latest reason for wanting to kill ourselves.