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Blu-ray Reviews: “Aliens: 30th Anniversary Edition” and “John Carpenter’s The Thing: Collector’s Edition”

Just in time for Halloween, two of the 80s greatest sci-fi/horror films have spectacular new Blu-ray releases....

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Film Review: “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Christian Bale stars as Moses in Ridley Scott's latest epic....

photo credit: Joe Mazza, Brave Lux

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Christine Sneed

Author Christine Sneed talks about a few of her favorite movies....

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The Great Summer Movies: You Have My Sympathies

In space, no one can hear you scream. On the Nostromo, you can hear almost everything. Alien is a masterpiece of sound design. Every second...

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Filminism: Villainous Women

Join Kelly Stitzel as she takes a look at some of her favorite female villains in film....


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Revival House: “They mostly come at night … mostly …”

Aliens was released 25 years ago and this week's Revival House takes a look back....


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DVD Review: “You Again”

The Popdose review of "You Again."...


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Soundtrack Saturday: “Working Girl”

Kelly Stitzel discusses the 1988 Mike Nichols hit, Working Girl and its Carly Simon-penned theme song, much to the delight of Jeff...



Theatre Review: “Alien Queen”

A new Chicago stage production combines the first two movies of the "Alien" franchise with the music of Queen....


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Listmania: Top 10 Kick-Ass Movies

We've collected our top 10 favorite movies that are guaranteed to kick your ass. Bring your large soda and popcorn along as we count them...


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The Bigger Picture: The Game Has Not Changed

It took me a while to get around to seeing Avatar. One reason for that, also coincidentally one of the reasons I have been a pretty lazy...


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TV on DVD: “Eli Stone: The Complete Second (and Final) Season”

Eli Stone: The Complete Second and Final Season (2009, Buena Vista) purchase from Amazon: DVD It’s disappointing that the earnest,...


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DVD Review: “Galaxy Quest Deluxe Edition”

Galaxy Quest Deluxe Edition (2009, Paramount) purchase from Amazon: DVD While the new Star Trek film continues to soar through the box...