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2018’s 50 Best Albums: An Apocalypse Survival Guide

While it’s safe to say most of us want to forget all about 2018, there are hundreds of incredible albums by stellar artists across...

Music, Popdose Lists, Year-End Best-Of Lists

Best of 2014: Rock and Pop Albums

Most year-end “Best of” lists are about wrapping up the year in a tidy bow and moving on, this list...

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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 83

Billy Corgan clashes with Mark Slaughter and Michael W. Smith in this week's Bottom Feeders. ...

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Reissue Review: Smashing Pumpkins, “The Aeroplane Flies High”

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was one of the most popular (and epic) rock albums of the ‘90s, but it still feels kind of...

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Fight Courtney, F*** Winona, Be the Biggest Rock Star of All Time: A Scientific Analysis

Hole founder, rumored songwriter behind Live Through This, and all around difficult human being Courtney Love once remarked that,...


The Best Albums of 2012: Mike S.’s Top 10

Mike S. picks his favorites for the year, with a couple of bonuses he couldn't bear to not talk about....


Spin Cycle: James Iha, Look to the Sky

2004: “The truth of the matter is that guitarist James Iha broke up the Smashing Pumpkins. Not me, not drummer Jimmy Chamberlin,...


Popblerd’s New Release Report 7/17/12: Controversy!

Frank Ocean's debut album finally hits stores this week. It's just one of many big releases you'll find in this week's New Release Report!...

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Desert Island Discs with Jason Myles Goss

If you had to go away for awhile and you could only take five of your favorite albums with you, which ones would you choose? Yes, we know...

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Album Review: Smashing Pumpkins, “Oceania”

“The Comeback Album” is one of rock’s great traditions, right up there with the sophomore slump, selling out, breaking-up...


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Popdose Contest: Win “The Vampire Diaries” Soundtrack and “The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season” on DVD!

How does a lucky reader like yourself win this bitchin’ CD/DVD prize pack? Simple -- answer a ridiculous question and e-mail me your...


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Mix Six: “Body Parts and Food”

Ted Asregadoo stuffs a little Cake in his Belly -- with a side of Korn and some Smashing Pumpkins -- in a Mix Six inspired by body parts...


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CD Review: Vic Chesnutt, “Skitter on Take-Off”

How much do you know about Vic Chesnutt? You might know that he currently resides in Athens, GA, and that his first two albums were...


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CD Review: Tinted Windows, “Tinted Windows”

The mark of any great power pop album is its ability to not only stick in your head after the music has stopped, but its ability to make...


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The Three Strike Rule: “The Chris Isaak Hour”

Usually, anytime a musical artist performs on a talk show, that marks the end of the program: Letterman, Leno or Conan stroll out to shake...


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Live Music: Smashing Pumpkins @ United Place, 11/6/08

Anyone who was unsure as to what to expect from the Smashing Pumpkins’ performance at United Palace last Thursday surely had that...


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Mix Six: “Graduation Day”

LISTEN TO THE FULL MIX HERE This is the time of the year when graduates go through the ritual where they transition from one stage of life...