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You’re Dead to Us: Hit Songs by Older Adults, Made for Older Adults

A new series in which we look at once common curiosities of pop culture that don’t exist anymore, be it because of changing tastes,...


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Here’s Something Else!: Little River Band That Doesn’t, You Know, Suck

Australia’s Little River Band placed 11 songs in the Top 40 in the late 1970s and early 1980s, becoming one of the most successful acts...


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Beyond the Wonder: Just Another Day in Paradise

Chris Holmes examines a buried treasure from the golden age of soft rock - Bertie Higgins' 1982 solo debut Just Another Day in Paradise....


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Sugar Water: Soft Rock Isn’t Necessarily Safe Rock

Soft rock. For many people it’s a mellow, relaxing subgenre of pop music. But could it be harmful to your health? Morgan Fairlock has...