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Blerd Appreciation: Meshell Ndegeocello

If anyone was to ask me who the most underrated artist of the past twenty years, there would be absolutely no hesitation in my response...


The Viewfinder: Solange Knowles, “Losing You”

Plucky…that’s the word I’d like to use in reference to Solange Knowles. She could’ve been content to bask in...

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New Music: Dirty Projectors, “Gun Has No Trigger”

Preview "Gun Has No Trigger," the soulfully abstract new single by Dirty Projectors, at Popdose....


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Lists You Didn’t Ask For: Celebrity Siblings You Didn’t Ask For Edition

Along with rehab, doing a sequel just for the paycheck, screaming anti-Semitic slurs at traffic cops, and getting away with murder (literal...