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Wall of Voodoo

Wall of Voodoo: An Appreciation

The pop music landscape is littered with bands whose time in the limelight was cruelly short. And let’s be honest, most of them didn’t even deserve the little success they had. Wall of Voodoo, however, is not one of those groups. Yes, I’m talking about that “Mexican Radio” band. Wall of Voodoo released just six records (four studio LPs, one live LP, and one EP), five of which are currently out of print. And while not every track they released is essential, they have been unfairly written off as one-hit wonders. In truth, the band has much more to offer, as we shall discover here. But first, a bit of history. The band known as Wall of Voodoo took root in Los Angeles in 1977, where it began as a partnership between synth player/vocalist/composer Stan Ridgway and guitarist Marc Moreland. The duo formed a short-lived music production business called Acme Soundtracks, which specialized in off-kilter scores for films that were about as far away from John Williams as you could get. Ridgway’s love of bebop …