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The Popdose Interview: Glen Phillips

Glen Phillips drops in to talk with Popdose about the 25th anniversary of Toad the Wet Sprocket's Fear album. He also shares details on his...

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Box Office Flashback: December 22, 1983

Would nicknaming a cop "Dirty" be considered a term of endearment?...

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CD Review: Blue Oyster Cult, “The Essential Blue Oyster Cult”

In one fell swoop, the word "Essential" is reduced to meaninglessness....


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The Popdose Interview: John Lehr

John Lehr showed off his improv skills on TBS with "10 Items or Less." Now, he's taking to the web with his new Crackle series, "Jailbait."...


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Numberscruncher: Cheap Trick Takes On Nielsen SoundScan

Cheap Trick, the pride of Rockford, has a new CD out called The Latest. It’s been released through Tunecore , a service that makes it...