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Book Review: Matthew Phillion, “The Indestructibles,” Books 3 & 4

You know that an adventure series has really hit its stride when you find yourself enjoying the expository sections — those quiet...

Book Reviews, Books

Book Review: Matthew Phillion, “The Indestructibles: Breakout”

My fellow Gatehouse Media editor Matt Phillion is at it again: “The Indestructibles: Breakout” (PFP Publishing), his sequel to last...

Book Reviews, Books

Book Review: Matthew Phillion, “The Indestructibles”

Since it was written by a colleague — Matthew Phillion, a fellow Gatehouse Media journalist — I would have likely picked up...

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Popdose Roundtable: Ben Affleck as Batman?

Following yesterday’s surprise casting announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman film, it took all of...

"Jan & Dean Meet Batman"

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10 Classic Songs Inspired By Comic Book Superheroes

With the summer movie season upon us, let's listen to ten of the best superhero-inspired songs we could find....


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DVD Review: “Wolverine and the X-Men”

The cover has Sentinels on it. The opening credits have Sentinels in them. The back cover seems to promise this will be a really cool,...


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The Popdose Interview: The Man Who Would Be Thor

Although a major player in Norse mythology, the character of Thor is known primarily to comics fans, and only recently to the general...


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Film Review: “Watchmen”

Thanks to last year’s Iron Man and Dark Knight, the age of the superhero as a legitimate and viable tale in the realm of cinema is...