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Film, No Concessions

No Concessions: “Creed”

Going the distance, via a different route....

Film, Spinning Discs

Spinning Discs: Starry Nights

Code Blu this week with Elvis, Marilyn, Tom, and Sly....

Film, Popular Culture, You're Dead to Us

You’re Dead to Us: Cop Movies

The other day on the Popdose email thread, as one is wont to do, we started spouting off old cop movie cliches for some reason—”I...

Film, Popdose Lists

Popdose Prime: 10 Movies That Are Fifth-quels (to Prepare You for “Scary Movie 5”)

Most movie series don’t make it to five films. Either the filmmakers run out of ideas, or the studio reboots the characters. The latest...

The Vinyl Diaries

The Vinyl Diaries: Billy Joel, “The Nylon Curtain”

Rob Smith's "Vinyl Diaries": Billy Joel, "The Nylon Curtain"...

Death by Power Ballad, Music, Power Ballads

Death by Power Ballad: Survivor, “Ever Since the World Began”

Survivor's "Ever Since the World Began": The Ultimate Wedding Anthem? Rob Smith discusses in "Death by Power Ballad."...

Box Office Flashback, Film

Box Office Flashback: December 10, 1984

Axel Foley, the Terminator, Supergirl, Mozart, and God all make appearances in this week's Box Office Flashback to December 10, 1984....


Music, Podcast

The Popdose Podcast: Episode 11

The Popdose Podcast returns with yet another show devoid of a theme, but with an added bonus - alcohol!...


Farkakte Film Flashback, Film

Farkakte Film Flashback: Hazy Shade of Winter Edition

Deep in the scrotum-shriveling dead of winter, Pete Chianca resurfaces with a list of some chilly cinematic suggestions....


Blu-ray Reviews, Film

Blu-ray Review: “Gran Torino”

Gran Torino (2009, Warner Bros.) purchase from Amazon: DVD | Blu-ray I enjoy a nice Unforgiven viewing as much as the next guy, but...


Lost MP3 of the Week, Music

Lost MP3 of the Week: Vigilantes of Love, “Skin”

While browsing through the archive the other day, I realized it’s been awhile since we’ve had a contributor for the Lost MP3....