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Popdose Politicks: Debt Ceiling! Shutdown! Fight, Fight, Fight! (Again)

Dw DUNPHY: Well, now that Syria has vanished from the front pages, Big Tea has refocused on the fight they really wanted: Running the government into a brick wall. Praise the lord and pass the ammo. JON CUMMINGS: Unfortunately, the polls show that Republicans have attained one of the key goals of their “governance”-by-crisis shenanigans of the last three years: Large numbers of Americans now believe that government is incapable of playing a healthy or positive role in dealing with the big issues, such as job creation, health care and rising income inequality. Operating on Chaos Theory since 2011 – since 2007, really – the GOP has convinced the public that chaos is all that’s possible. The flipside of that is that senior and/or sane Republicans (and when we’re calling Mitch McConnell “sane,” we’re really off the reservation) recognize that a government shutdown or a credit default would be too much chaos for the public to bear. If the GOP were simply to make no waves between now and November 2014, the midterm election of …


Single Play (Week of 2/11/13)

Once again, it’s “drop the needle” time on some songs that have made the cut to this week’s “Single Play.” Some weeks, it’s feast and some weeks it’s a famine in terms of music I’m connecting with. This week, it’s more of a feast, so off we go to see what’s being served at the buffet. The Stone Foxes, “Everybody Knows.” Their new album is out on 2/12/13, but this single has been floating around since last year. If you hear the Black Keys in their style, you’re not alone. The band opened for the Black Keys while on tour and they certainly consider them musical brothers in arms. But what I really like is that the members of the band are a San Francisco band, and went to my alma mater! Okay, that’s sort of true, but not the whole story. What’s easy to love about “Everybody Knows” is that it’s a solid, well-crafted rock song. Just a couple of listens and you’ll quickly hear that this tune is destined to be in high …