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Mix Six: My College Years

Mix Six: My College Years

Where were you in 1988? For Popdose’s Ted Asregadoo, it was his college years, and guess what music he’s featuring this week?

Mix Six: “Wizards of Oz”

Do you come from a land down under? Many of us don’t, but many of us certainly love what the land of Oz has produced — musically speaking. Let’s all open a big can of Aussie and guzzle it on this week’s Mix Six.

Mix Six: “New Clear Days*”

Scared of nuclear fallout? Buying up iodine pills to protect your thyroid? Welcome to the new clear days! And thankfully, Popdose has a mix to keep you humming while we’re all freaking out.

Mix Six: “Demos”

Extra! Extra! It’s a bunch of demos you thought were left in a closet somewhere to be forgotten. This week’s Mix Six dusts them off just for you!