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Aimee Mann Charmer Cover Art

Aimee Mann “Charmer” — So Nice, We Reviewed It Twice

Give two critics THREE months to listen to one album, and of course we will wait ‘Til Tuesday to publish our reviews. Which in this case is quite appropriate. Up first, the new kid on the block… It boggles the mind that 27 years have washed by since Aimee Mann first stood up from her MTV theater seats to shout “He said shut up! He said shut up! Oh why can’t you keep it down?” Clearly you can’t keep a good girl down. As her solo career enters its 20th year, Mann is back with her eighth studio album, Charmer. Clearly she knew THIS one is extra special. She released it to the media in June and I’ve had it on steady rotation all summer long. Now I’ll fully admit, I might be a bit biased. When I saw ‘Til Tuesday in concert in 1986 (outside Tampa, FL), I had a broken foot. Mann saw me struggling to keep from falling over and moved her mic stand forward so I could hang onto something. She …

Mix Six: “Popdose Best of 2010 Sampler”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Are you tired of all the year end lists yet?  Well, here at Popdose, we love our lists — and it seems our readers do, too.  But one list that was begging for a Mix Six was our Top 20 Albums of 2010 that ran last week.  Punning Pundit of Indignant Desert Birds — who’s one of our faithful readers — lamented that we didn’t include any music samples in our Top 20. So in order to rectify that omission, I thought I would put together a little sampler from said list.  Now because I’m constrained by the whole “Mix Six” format of this feature, you’re only going to get six songs that I thought really mixed well.  So, with a lot of help from my Popdose colleagues, here we go with a sampler culled from the Top 20 Albums of 2010!