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Mix Six: “Happy Hanukkah”

Eight nights of presents! And hopefully it’s not just an Xbox on day one, and chocolate every other night after that. Yep, on this week’s Mix Six, it’s all about Hanukkah.

Mix Six: “The Re-Record”

The Popdose Staff had a guiding hand in shaping this week’s Mix Six — with some great suggestions of songs that have been re-recorded by the artists who created them.

Mix Six: “Originals and Covers”

Nowadays, cover songs are dime a dozen and the novelty has worn off. But there are few gems out there, and Ted Asregadoo features them (plus the originals) in this week’s Mix Six.

Mix Six: “Cities”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE What is it about certain cities that feeds a musician’s muse?  New York is certainly..